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Griffin Land Surveying, Inc. offers all types of surveying services and works in all sectors including residential, commercial, road construction and more. Please contact us today to see how we can assist you.


Below is the list of services that we cover. Please contact us today if there is a service you are in need of that is not listed below.

Boundary Surveys
  • From smaller city lots to farms and large tracts
  • Subdivision lots, improved or unimproved
Topographic Surveys

Ground run on all size projects


Complete high-end surveys for high-end projects

Construction Layout/Staking
  • Commercial
  • All utilities
  • Grade staking
  • Subdivision development
  • Road construction
  • Residential lots
  • Parking lots
  • Governmental
  • Property line surveys
As-Built Surveys

Residential sites
Commercial sites
All utilities
Detention ponds and/or drainage

HLP, RDP, ILP, Variance Exhibits/Legal Descriptions and Septic Plan Surveys (House Location Plans, Residential Drainage Plans, Individual Lot Plans)

Required in most residential properties for permitting purposes

County/City Site Plans

Required in most residential properties. These surveys may include topographic and/or tree information.


We partner with local engineers to develop final plats for subdivision development

Permit Submittal

Prepare and submit plans and applications to obtain permits. We will fill out all forms and take them to the various authorities to obtain signatures. Let us handle all of the paperwork and driving so you don’t have to.

  • Site plans
  • HLP, ILP, RDP, etc.
  • Variances
  • Building Permits
Elevation Certificates

Necessary for lots adjacent to flood hazard areas. Elevation Certificates are required for flood insurance

Alcohol, Liquor/Beer, Licensing Surveys

Necessary to serve or sell alcohol in restaurants or stores